Why The Love Bank?

-by Kerry Maunus, co-founder of Turkey on the Table & The Love Bank

Over the years we have received many notes of appreciation from customers for creating Turkey on the Table. The most heartwarming part of these messages (besides the fact that people took the time to write them), was hearing about the meaningful conversations that took place after learning the things their family members were grateful for.

This led us to another idea, which is similar, yet very different. We wanted to create a product where one would have an opportunity, big or small to let someone know what you loved about them.

I grew up in a household where we said “I LOVE YOU” every time we left the house, at the end of every telephone call, and after every visit.

To me it was important to have that practice in my home as well. Every time I drop my kids off at school, I say “Be Kind. Try Your Hardest. Make us Proud. I LOVE YOU!” While this routine is important to me, it is even more important for each person in my life to know WHY I love them.

That is the purpose of The Love Bank…to let people know what it is about them that is loved, valued and appreciated.

There are so many sad occurrences in life that can’t be avoided, but spreading love is so easy and truly makes the difference when facing life’s hardships.

Love helps in sadness, love helps in despair, love helps during celebrations of life’s milestones, love makes you smile, love makes your days happier.

Our desire is that you would use the The Love Bank for daily love notes, and also for:

  • Date nights/family nights
  • Birthdays
  • Baby showers
  • Mother’s day/Father’s Day
  • Housewarming parties
  • Anniversaries
  • Moving away
  • Teacher’s gifts
  • Memorials

The visual display of it being “filled” with love is beautiful, but the words inside are the true beauty.

We look forward to bringing this expression of love into your marriage, home, and your special life events. In order to spread love to others, we will donate a meal for each Love Bank sold through our partnership with Feeding America. Make it a priority, whether with our product or not, to tell people what you love about them. Tell them often. Make daily love a practice, because love is meant to be shared.