Brand Ambassador Application

Are you a leader in your social media circle? Are you a woman of influence? Will you help us change the world?

If so, we are inviting you to apply to be a brand ambassador for Turkey on the Table® and The Love Bank®. We’d love for you to join the tribe of #Women Changing the World by encouraging the expressions of gratitude and love in our families and communities, while making an impact in the battle against hunger. Read on for more info and to apply!


Allow us to introduce ourselves:

Turkey on the Table® began as a way for us to teach our children the concept of gratitude. Everyone in the family writes what they are grateful for on a Thankful Feather® and puts it on the turkey. The turkey kits includes a knit turkey, 13 double-sided customizable feathers, a marker, and a heartwarming book.

Our mission is to spread gratitude and give back one turkey at a time. We are a corporate partner with Feeding America® and donate 10 meals for each turkey sold. (video) In 2018, we reached our goal of providing 1 million meals! Yay!

In 2019, we are launching The Love Bank® to encourage people to share what’s inside their hearts with their loved ones.

We feel confident we can change the world into a more grateful, loving & giving place with your help!



Ambassador responsibilities

As a Turkey on the Table/ Love Bank Ambassador, you will join the tribe of the #Women Changing the World as a voice for positivity in your social circle!

Create your own, or use our suggested social media posts between August 2019 and August 2020, according to the social media schedule you are given.

The schedule will contain 3 Turkey-related posts and 3 Love Bank-related posts, which will promote:

(1) Expressing gratitude for what we have.
(2) Sharing the love in our hearts.
(3) Providing meals for the food-insecure through our partnership with Feeding America®.


Our responsibilities:

If your application meets our guidelines, will provide you with a Brand Ambassador Collection:

Turkey on the Table® kit
2 packets of Replacement Thankful Feathers®
Thankful Feather® Crafting kit
The Love Bank
2 packets of Replacement Hearts
Give Thanks, Give Love, Give Back Tote Bag
Posting schedule & suggestions


Let’s get started!

  1. To apply, click here.
  2. If your application is approved, we will send you a social media posting schedule via email, and your Brand Ambassador collection by mail.
  3. Follow the posting schedule to promote gratitude, love and giving back in your community.

Thank you in advance for your consideration! We can’t wait to have you in our tribe!

April George & Kerry Maunus,
Co-founders of Turkey on the Table & The Love Bank